First Aid for Companies and Schools

First Aid for Companies and Schools

We can adapt any course structure to your company's or your school's needs. It is possible to combine the coursewith the Swiss Resuscitation Council course in Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation (BLS/AED)

Duration minimum 4 hours or more according to the adaption of your needs

Prize depending on lengths and structure of the course, pleasecontact us

You can choose the content of your training course and adapt it to your needs

Possible contents:

First aid under recognition of self-protection

Recognize and evaluate emergency situations

Alert emergency services, phone numbers

Explain and discuss the chain of survival

Course of action according to the SRC guidelines

SRC-algorithm: BLS-AED for adults, children and babies (as from 1 month old)

Training for basic accomplishments: overview, thorax compressions, ventilation, application of AEDaccording tothe SRC guidelines for adults and children

Perform secure side position (recovery position) for unconscious adults and children

Assessment of the situation and problem solving in various emergency situations

Teamwork and communication

Elaborate several case scenarios

Legal aspects: liability in case of neglected rescue

Often committed mistakes and their prevention

How to deal with obstruction

Management of hemostasis (inclusive nose bleeding)

First aid in burns

Back injuries

Management of allergic reactions including demonstration of how to use an Epipen

Head injuries


How to make a sling, various bandages

Electrocution, what to do?

Silvia Frey-Mangold 2012