BLS-AED-SRC Complete Generic Provider

Basic Life Support and Automatic External Defibrillator Complete Generic ProviderSRCCourse

The complete generic provider course Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is certified by the Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC)

The course objectives for this course are:

The participants

- alert the emergency services correctly

- priorities their own safety while they are performing first aid

- apply the basics of the basic life support(BLS) inclusive the correct use of the automatic external defibrillator ( AED)

- recognize symptoms of cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke

- perform secure side position(recovery position)

- apply BLS measures in specific target group orientated case scenarios

- deal with their own motivation for first aid

- describe the dealing with first aid inhibiting factors

Target audience:

Complete Generic Provider Courses aim at all people, they like to keep their disposition high to act in case of an emergency like a cardiac arrest, heart attack or a stroke (for example relatives of heart patients, persons in training), or for professional reasons need to attest BLS competences.

The course content for this course is:

The BLS-AED Complete Generic provider courses focus on improving the knowledge of application of the basic skills of the resuscitation adapted to the situation

First aid under recognition of self-protection

Recognize and evaluate emergency situations

Alert emergency services, phone numbers

Explain and discuss the chain of survival

Course of action according to the SRC guidelines

SRC-algorithm: BLS-AED for adults, children and babies (as from 1 month old)

Training for basic accomplishments: overview, thorax compressions, ventilation, application of AEDaccording tothe SRC guidelines for adults and children

Perform secure side position(recovery position)for unconscious adults and children

Assessment of the situation and problem solving in various emergency situations

Cooperation with lay- and professional helpers

Teamwork and communication

Elaborate several case scenarios

Motivation of the first aid responder including promoting and inhibiting influences

Ethical fundamental principles

Legal aspects: liability in case of neglected rescue

Often committed mistakes and their prevention

Discussion of open questions

How to deal with obstruction



Duration: 5.5 hours for the complete generic provider course

Price: CHF 280 (full course)minimum 4 participants

Requirements: none


Silvia Frey-Mangold 2012