Inscription form First Aid ASTRA tbc

Inscription form for 

"First Aid Course with ASTRA Certification”

Duration :  10 hours

Dates :  tbc

Time :    16:00 - 19:15

Place:           ISL, Chemin de la Grangette 2, 1052 Le Mont sur Lausanne        Description

Costs:           CHF 210 per participant

 Rubrics with * need to be filled in

Conditions for participation:

·      If there are not enough participants, the dates of the course will be changed.

 The following conditions of desistance apply:

·    In case of cancellation up to one week before the course a fee of CHF 20 has to b e paid.

·    In case of cancellation thereafter,  the full course fee has to be paid.

By sending this inscription form, the participant declares to have read and understood the general conditions of participation to the First Aid Course.

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